Know all about Aadhaar card by Unique Identification authority of India UIdai by an ex-employee in aadhaar.check aadhar card status, download eaadhaar with eid / uid, update aadhar details and track with the URN, verify email & Mobile number at

What’s new about Aadhaar!

  1. we all know that now uidai portal not allowing to update mobile number, Name, surname online. but accepts only Address.
  2. Many peoples are facing problems with Opening downloaded Admit card due to the secure password with the combination of name and date of birth of the candidate.
  3. Due to security uidai discontinued Previous password PINCODE.

Important things for downloading / Update Aadhaar

  1. Residents cannot download the e aadhar card without EID / UID (Aadhar) Number.
  2. Users cannot update mobile number, Name, Relationship in online the only way is going to nearest aadhar center.
  3. The aadhaar enrollment application fee is 30 Rupees as state Uidai Norms, don’t pay the extra than this.

E Aadhaar Services at

Uidai divided its aadhar services into 3 types,

  1. Enrollment
  2. Update
  3. Aadhaar services with the existing card


Aadhaar Enrollment services:

  1. Finding Enrolment & Update Centres (Banks, Post offices, private)
  2. Check Aadhaar Card Status
  3. Downloading  E Aadhaar
  4. Get Aadhaar Number on Mobile
  5. Getting forgotten  UID/EID

Aadhaar Appointment / Locating Nearest Aadhaar center contact details

If you don;t know the nearest aadhar center! just google as aadhar centers near me you may find the best results,

but sometimes information may not verified.

  1. for this, visit uidai aadhar appointment portal from here,
  2. Select your State, City, Area and Pincode,
  3. It displays all the aadhar centers with contact details email, phone number address etc.

NOTE: Now most of the almost every nationalized bank except (ICICI, HDFC, and other private sector banks) having aadhaar enrollment center within the bank.

Aadhaar card status by (EID/ Aadhar / name & DOB)

as we know most of us, updated our new details in aadhar card. but aadhar card not yet proceed.

my case, we made changes in 3 months ago, tried to download the aadhar card, but the details were not changed. fed up with sticking with aadhar aadhar. forgotten the aadhar number and enrollment number also don;t know the which mobile number given to the enrollment operator.

again  i am not interested to look for the details to track aadhar card status further to download. this caused to due to lot of tasks/information overloaded in my mind.

Requirements to track Aadhar card status

  1. Only EID (enrollment number printed on the receipt given to you while registration). you have to enter including date and time of the aadhar registration or update.

FOr checking aadhar update status you have to select the aadhar update services and then use SSUP along with URN.

If you don’t know the enrollment Number or EID.

You have click on retrieve revive list / EID/ UID.

Then enter the Aadhaar Number to Know the Enrollment Number.

without Aadhaar number, you cannot know the EID, so one of this mandatory to know the aadhar card status.

How to check AAdhar status?

visit and click on the check you aadhaar status in enrollment services section.

Enter the Enrollment Number and Captcha code,

then click check aadhaar status.

you will get details your aadhaar number is generated kindly download it using aadhar number.

or you aadhar number rejected due to insufficient biometrics, documents etc


The requirement to download E Aadhaar card

  1. Aadhaar Number or UID (12 digits unique number)
  2. EID (enrollment Number) its generate while enrollment its contains agency code/machine code/enrollment number and date time of the registration of aadhar or update.
    acknowledgement slip contains 14 digit number (1234/12345/12345) and the 14 digit, date and time (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) of enrolment again 14 digits total 28.
  3. NAME as same as on the aadhar / enrollment details
  4. Pincode
  5. Mobile Number (very important)


How to download the E Aadhar card?

Generally downloading aadhar card is available at a separate portal called

you can go with or eaadhar portal, either way, you can download the e aadhaar at the same page.>>Aadhaar online services>> Aadhar enrollment >> download Aadhaar.

3 ways to we can download Aadhar card UID/ VID / EID.

  1. UID Aadhaar Number 12 digits.
  2. EID Enrollment number including date & time of enrollment 28 digits.
  3. VID Generate Aadhaar Vid here: 16 digits virtual identification number temporary generates by Aadhar number online or using m- aadhaar app.

why anyone goes for VID instead of aadhaar.

to Secure to aadhar number downloading in public places.


Process of downloading the E aadhar card at

e aadhar download by vid UID EID

  1. Enter your aadhar number or enrollment number or VID.
  2. You full name should be same as in the aadhar card/enrolment slip.
  3. Pincode Number of your area.
  4. and Human verification security code,
  5. an OTP will be sent to your registration Mobile Number.
  6. enter the OTP and click on download Aadhaar.
  7. an PDF file will be downloaded to your computer or mobile.
  8. Kindly open it by right password formation mentioned below.


How open Aadhaar card with New password?

You will see a popup message like, Aadhaar password format. Combination of 1st 4 letters of name and year of Birth.1st 4 letters include special characters like  dot (.) also  ex: G. Raju date of birth 1990  Then The password will be G.RAJ1990

NOTE: LETTERS SHOULD BE CAPITAL (for aadhar password).

How to validate aadhar card?

  1. This either simple or hard based on the people to verify.
  2. Rgith click on click verify, get certificates,  check SSL singed by uidai, then add them as trusted certificates.
  3. then you will seet the question mark signatures converted as verified.

Aadhar card update / correction / changes in UIDAI

Updating Online:>>Update service>> Up0date Online>> SSUP Portal,

Enter aadhaar Number or VID Virtual Identification Number.

and enter a captcha code. follow the data to update.

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. date of birth
  4. Mobile Number

Not working as of now. Only we can update Address online by submitting valid proof like

Utility bills electricity, phone bill, bank statement, passport, house hold card, ration card etc.

After uploading the document you will get Unique reference Number URN. to track Update status at SSUP Portal.

Finally, you have to select BPO callers to verify the details by dialing to your mobile Number.

Aadhar Update at enrollment center

from few months, every aadhaar center rushed due to closing some updates online. recently my friend need to withdrawal of his pf balance, but the name is not same in the Aadhaar card for his wife. he need to withdraw urgent basis for his child health issues. but the aadhar card update is process takes few weeks to months. processing is another issue but enrolling / updating offline at aadhar center got very hard.

The government of India Opened CSC common Service center for every citizen they can update the aadhaar details maybe except a photo. but suddenly GOI closed the CSC registration process due to overwhelming applications from unemployees.

Required documents:

Valid proof required for what you are updating:

Ex: date of birth: you should have to provide a document that contains the new date of birth  (ration card, voter id, passport, pan etc).

Changing Mobile Number: No proof required.



documents may required based on close observation of the aadhaar operator.

How to update aadhar details offline?

After visiting the aadhar center provide the documents t operator, verify the new details on the screen, capture your fingerprints with the good score to avoid enrollment rejection.

take the receipt and track the update status.

E Aadhar update by Post

some peoples may be rural, or some senior residents may use registered post send the aadhar update details to Uidai.

for this we have to download aadhaar correction form, fill the details, attach the supported documents.

and send it nearest aadhar update centers like hyderabad, ahmedabad, kolkata, bangalore,chennai, delhi etc.

now every city has its own aadhaar correction center.

AAdhaar verification  Mobile & email

Uidai Introduced new Option to verify existing details like Mobile & email accurate or not. because every transaction based on aadhar send to your email & Mobile Number. incase your you many not receive OTP to your mobile, then check your email for Aadhaar authentication code.

Uidai also sends the details of the Biometric authentications etc.

Unlock / Lock Biometrics in E aadhar

It helps prevent someone using our fingerprints to authorize our aadhaar details.  i did lock my finger prints and i forgot. when i went pos to verify the SIM details but my fingerprint not accepted, finally i unlocked the biometrics and went another one its worked.

UIDAI Aadhar Card is Now Available For Download.


Check adhar Card Status

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Download Adhar Card  (Mobile)

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Download Adhar (EID / Aadhar No.)

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Download Adhar Card by Name

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Update Adhar Card / Online Correction

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UID Official Website

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